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Intelligent Power

Futaba’s second generation Dual (Rx) Link Power Hub (DLPH-2) is an intelligent device that allows dual receivers and dual batteries to be connected, offering both receiver and power supply backup to aircraft.

Futaba Explainers

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  • Radio Protocols

    Discover the technical evolution of Futaba's radio control systems, which detail the development of advanced transmission protocols—from the foundational FASST technology to the sophisticated FASSTest, T-FHSS, and S-FHSS systems—designed to enhance reliability, performance, and specificity across diverse RC applications in both aerial and terrestrial environments.

  • Command Protocols

    Explore the technical distinctions and operational benefits of PWM, S.BUS, and S.BUS2 within Futaba’s radio control systems. This page delves into how these protocols manage connections between receivers and servos, highlighting the transition from the traditional PWM's multiple wiring to the streamlined single-wire setups of S.BUS and the enhanced telemetry capabilities of S.BUS2, transforming control and feedback mechanisms in RC applications.

  • Signal & Power Redundancy

    Explore the DLPH-2 and FDLS-1 systems, which embody advanced redundancy features for both power and signal integrity in radio-controlled applications. This page details how these systems use dual batteries and dual receivers to ensure continuous operation and control of servos, mitigating the risks associated with power failure and signal interference in demanding RC environments.

  • Achieving Faster Response

    Dive into the realm of advanced responsiveness with Futaba's Super Response (SR) and Ultra Response (UR) technologies. This page covers how SR and UR modes enhance control and precision in RC cars and helicopters, showcasing the substantial decrease in signal latency and the boost in servo response times to provide race drivers and pilots with superior handling and performance.