Futaba.uk is operated by J Perkins, the official UK and Ireland Futaba distributor.

J. Perkins, established 1975, is based in Kent, UK

The Futaba Story

  • A Proud History

    Futaba Corporation is a trusted and respected Japanese company specialising in the manufacture and distribution of radio control (RC) equipment and electronic devices. Founded in 1948 in Chiba, Japan, Futaba initially manufactured vacuum tubes, however the company evolved, embracing emerging technologies and incorporating the latest in design and technology into their products.

    In the 1960s, as the hobby of radio-controlled vehicles began to grow, Futaba emerged as the market leader, with systems designed for a variety of RC applications, including model aircraft, boats, and cars. Futaba earned a reputation for innovation, quality and reliability. 

    Futaba's contributions have been significant, including aiding a time-travelling DeLorean and a mouse winning an RC sailboat race. For seven decades the brand has been an integral part of countless World Championship victories.

    Futaba's radio control systems are best known for their reliability and advanced technology. They pioneered many advances including the development of digital proportional control systems, which allowed finer and more precise control over RC models. Futaba also led innovations in the use of 2.4GHz spread spectrum technology, which significantly improved the performance and reliability of RC transmitters and receivers by reducing interference.

    The company has consistently catered to both hobbyists and professional users, offering a range of products from basic models suitable for novices to the most  sophisticated systems designed for competitive use by World Champions.

    Futaba's commitment to quality and innovation has kept it at the forefront of RC design. Futaba is the favoured choice among RC enthusiasts around the world.


Founded in Japan

Futaba Corporation is founded in Japan as a manufacturer and seller of receiver vacuum tubes. Utilising vacuum tube technology, Futaba began manufacturing vacuum fluorescent displays.


Radio Control

Futaba begin production of radio control equipment as well as press die set components, establishing two of the company’s primary divisions. This was followed by the development of mould base components and the more recent addition of VFD modules to complete the lineup of Futaba’s major products.

1960s to 2023

Futaba in the UK

The first Futaba radio control products sold in the UK were single channel sets, these being imported and sold by Model Avionics, based in the Old Kent Road in London. It was not long before Digimax multi-channel sets were developed, and at this time the UK distribution of Futaba became shared between Model Avionics, who carried out all servicing and repairs, and Ripmax.

Over the years, and with constant development of Futaba’s radio control technology, they established Futaba as the leading radio control brand in the UK, whilst eventually Ripmax became the sole distributor.

November 2023

J Perkins Welcomes Futaba

Futaba selected J Perkins to continue its story in the UK & Ireland.